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Need Help? 844 RAIL RIDE (844-724-5743) M-F 6am-5pm PST|
Frequently Asked Questions2018-03-28T20:09:44+00:00


Are there places to eat and sleep in the area?2018-05-01T04:47:47+00:00

The The North Pend Oreille Chamber of Commerce ( ) has a listing of all lodging and places to eat in the area.

How do I get my tickets?2018-03-28T19:54:30+00:00

Once you make your reservation using our online booking system, you will receive a confirmation email. The email will have a ticket to print. Please bring your ticket with you on the date and time of your ride.

Where do we go to get on the rail riders?2018-01-29T06:02:49+00:00

The rail riders will start boarding 30 minutes prior to your departure time on your ticket / reservation confirmation. Boarding is at the Lions Club Train Depot located at 101 Railroad Ave, Ione, WA 99139

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What is the cancellation / rain policy?2018-06-15T14:29:27+00:00

NPOV Lions Club Railrider Cancellation Policy

If cancellations are made at least 7 days prior to trip departure, trip fee will be fully refunded. For cancellations made within 7 days of trip departure, fees are non-refundable.


NPOV Lions Club Railriders will operate rain or shine, provided it is safe to do so. NPOV Lions Club Railriders reserves the right to reschedule or cancel tours due to adverse weather conditions if operations or participants are at risk. In the event of cancellations or rescheduling by us, your payment will be refunded in full, or applied to another tour. Ticket holders who cancel due to weather are subject to the cancellation policy above. No shows (including those arriving late for a scheduled departure) are not eligible for a refund.
Prices are subject to change. Please check price on booking. All prices are in US dollars.

NPOV Lions Club Railriders reserves the right to cancel or amend any trip or booking for any reason and assumes no responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal equipment, delays or irregularities which may occur in the operation of this business for whatever reason.
Online booking payments are processed immediately and are thereafter subject to the cancellations policy. Following a successful booking you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours please contact us to ensure your booking has been made.

What is the minimum / maximum number of people on a rail rider?2018-01-29T06:09:06+00:00

Each unit seats four guests with a maximum of four or a minimum of one per unit. Seating is first come first serve. We make every effort to seat you with your party, let us know so that we can try to do that. But depending on how many guests are scheduled, you may be asked to share a unit with new friends or a guide. This is all part of the adventure.

Can I bring my dog/pet?2018-01-29T06:08:54+00:00

NO, it is not safe. We have too many enticing deer and squirrels to chase and too many opportunities for your pet to get injured.

Will we cross the trestle at Box Canyon Dam?2018-01-29T06:08:47+00:00

Sadly, no!  You will stop just before the trestle.  While the rail riders are turned around for the trip back to Ione, you will have plenty of time for photos and the trestle and Box Canyon Dam. You will cross-smaller bridges over Big Muddy and Little Muddy River on the southern portion of the ride.

How strenuous is this activity? Are there hills?2018-01-29T06:08:41+00:00

This is a two-hour self-pedaled round trip excursion. Rail riding is a physical sport that does require some effort but most guests are up to the physical task. With that said however, all the pedals are free wheel. Strong guests can help the less able guests if all agree to the arrangement. There is an average 1-2 % grade on this trip.

Are there size and age restrictions?2018-07-07T16:10:14+00:00

Seats are adjustable for different heights.  Each person pedals independently.
We ask that each guest weigh 250 pounds or less.  If you are physically capable of sitting and part of a family or group then other group members can help you pedal if they are willing.  Babies and small toddlers can ride in a car seat (that you provide us) attached to a Rail Rider seat.  Please arrive 40 minutes early if you choose to use a car seat and let our guides know so they can secure it on a rail rider for you. Infants can ride in their parent’s front pack at no cost. Young children, at the parents discretion, can ride without a car seat but may not be able to reach the pedals.

Are there guides that go with us on the trip?2018-07-07T16:12:40+00:00

Yes there will be guides on every trip. Guides will also be at the road crossings, turn the rail riders around, and help with any other issues that may arise.

How do we turn around?2018-01-29T06:08:17+00:00

The guides use a platform to rotate to each rail rider to reverse our direction. We travel back the same way we came.

What should I bring? Is there a place to put a bag or backpack?2019-12-17T17:57:23+00:00

Storage is available behind the seats for small bags such as fanny packs. Railriders cannot accommodate carry on items such as backpacks, ice chests or other bulky items. Please secure personal items in your vehicle. Sunscreen, a hat, bug spray and water are recommended – it can be hot out on the rails!

What should I wear?2018-01-29T06:08:02+00:00

Comfortable and loose fitting clothes suitable for hiking or cycling. You might work up a sweat! Wet weather gear is recommended if rain is forecast. Closed toed shoes are recommended.

How long does it take?2018-01-29T06:07:52+00:00

Each tour takes approximately 1 hour on the rails and about 90 minutes door to door. The extra 15 minutes includes a compulsory safety briefing. Tour durations vary depending on the speed of the riders so we recommend allocating 2 hours after check in so you don’t miss your next activity.

Do I have to book ahead of time or can I just show up?2018-01-29T06:07:46+00:00

Booking ahead is strongly recommended. Due to the popularity of NPOV Lion’s Rail Riders, and the limited number of seats available, many tours sell out quickly, particularly on weekends. Seats are not held in reserve for walk-ins.

What if it rains?2018-01-29T06:07:40+00:00

NPOV Lion’s Rail Riders will operate rain or shine, provided it is safe to do so. Our tours run in light to moderately inclement weather, but will not run in heavy rain that is unlikely to stop, or if threatening weather appears imminent. Ponchos are available for a nominal fee. Appropriate wet-weather clothing is recommended if riding in the rain.  Rescheduling or cancellation due to weather will only occur if NPOV Lions Rail Rider consider it unsafe to be on the rails. Customers who cancel due to weather are subject to our cancellation policy.

What about TRAINS?2018-01-29T06:07:34+00:00

Rail Riders only operate on rails that do not have any train traffic.

How can I pass a slower rider?2018-01-29T06:07:28+00:00

Passing is not possible – the aim is to enjoy the journey, not to go as fast as you can. A slower rider in front means you will have more time to relax and enjoy the ride. Give other riders space – PLEASE DON’T TAILGATE!!!

How do the tours work?2019-12-17T17:58:21+00:00

All the rail riders leave at the same time, with a tour guide. The group spreads out along the track so that there is a safe space between you and the rail rider ahead and behind. This allows each group to enjoy the outdoors  at their own pace and in their own space.

Can children ride the rail rider?2018-01-29T06:07:14+00:00

Yes! The rail riders are easy to ride and children are welcome. Children must be accompanied by a rider at least 16 years of age to operate the brakes. For safety, all riders must be secured in their own seat. The only exception is infants, who must be secured in a chest harness to an adult rider. Infants in a chest harness travel free. Younger children may not be able to reach the pedals but can be safely buckled in to enjoy the ride. It is not safe for children to be seated on your lap and this is strictly forbidden.

Who can ride the Rail Rider?2018-01-29T06:07:07+00:00

Couples young and old, groups of friends, and families of all ages and abilities can enjoy this unique experience. Not handicap accessible.

What is a Rail Rider?2018-01-29T06:06:59+00:00

A rail rider is a pedal powered vehicle that rides on railroad tracks. They have 4 poly wheels, brakes, seat belts, pedals for each seat, and are comfortable, fun and easy to ride. Although the rail riders require pedaling, the magic of riding on rails makes the experience very different from riding a regular bicycle. There is no need to carefully watch the road ahead, there is no need to steer and riding is hands free – making it easy to take photographs and video as you roll along. All Rail Riders have 4 seats.

How do I purchase a gift certificate?2018-03-28T19:22:14+00:00

There are two ways to purchase a gift certificate.

1. Purchase the tickets directly and select “This is a gift” at checkout. This option gives the gift of a pre-determined ride date and time. The recipient will be notified via email of their gift and the tickets will be attached to that email.

2. You can purchase any dollar amount that can be redeemed on our website here. The recipient will receive an email with a gift voucher code as well as instructions on how to redeem it. This option is best if you do not have a specific date and time for the recipient, or you want that person to choose themselves.

I received a gift certificate, how do I redeem it?2018-03-28T19:22:23+00:00

You can redeem your gift certificate by adding your desired tickets into you cart. When you check out, put you voucher code into the space provided for voucher codes. The totals will recalculate based on your gift certificate amount.

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